How Can I Join A Community?

To join a community, Head over to your ‘Networking’ menu tab, and select ‘Social Groups’. From there, choose the communities that speak to you and hit ‘join’! Note: depending on the Group Manager, some groups may have additional questions you need to fill out before joining, and some require approval from leaders

What Are Notifications?

In Your Social Profile, notifications are updates from the community (or communities) you’ve joined. If a person posted, you will see it in your Notifications tab immediately. Want to answer or join the discussion? Either click on the associated conversation or go to the page of that community. Note: To remove the notifications, click on…

What Are The Percentages Near Professional Skills?

When filling out their profiles, healthcare professionals who are seeking employment are always asked to enter skills they’ve obtained throughout their careers, and near that, their comfort levels with the skills.   We tell candidates to be as honest as possible with this so that employers know off the bat what areas they’re comfortable in,…

Contacting Candidate

1 – Head To The Desired Candidate’s Page, Enter The Information On The Right, Hit ‘Message Candidate’! That’s it!  

Custom Find My Candidate

Didn’t find the candidate(s) you were looking for? We have a solution for you! Select our Custom Find My Candidate option to help us help you.   Steps   1- Under your ‘Dashboard’ tab, select ‘Custom Find Candidate’ 2 – Fill Out Our Short Questionnaire (& Use Our Salary Calculator To Know The Pay Rate…